Olivia Crocker

Feminist birth coach and doula

Are you ready to feel confident and powerful in your pregnancy and birth choices and give birth the way you want?

There’s so much misinformation out there about how birth is dangerous, that there’s no point in making a plan because birth doesn’t go to plan, that veering away from midwife and doctor advice is reckless and risky, and all that matters is a safe and healthy baby.

But what if I told you this just wasn’t true?

That birthing women and people’s bodies don’t fail. It’s maternity-care systems that fail.

By providing inadequate support, by failing to respect people’s choices, by failing to provide them with all the needed information and by failing to respect the process of birth itself.

You might read this and think, well it’s all well and good saying that but what other choice do I have?

But what if you knew you still have choices and the ability to shape your maternity care and birth to be what you want? That you’re never going to put your baby at risk. That wanting an empowering and positive birth isn’t selfishly prioritising an experience over the safety of your baby.

When 1 in 3 people have birth-related trauma and PTSD, something seriously needs to change.

I work with women and people:

Who want to feel supported, respected and empowered.

Who may have already experienced a disappointing, difficult or traumatic birth and want a completely different experience this time.

Who feel anxious at every  appointment and have an inkling that there are power dynamics in maternity care that cause them to feel this way

Who don’t just want to let other people determine what happens in their pregnancy and birth.

Who don’t want to be pressured and unnecessarily talked out of what they want.

Who want a full picture of information and perspectives (beyond what’s given on the NHS) so they can make a truly informed choice.

Who don’t believe they’re too old, or too fat, or too high-risk to give birth the way they want. Who know they’re more than capable if given the chance but are also worried about how to stand up against the pressure.

Who aren’t sure if a Gestational Diabetes, Group B Strep, VBAC or supposedly big baby is actually a reason for the induction or ‘high-risk’ birth they’ve been advised to have.

Who want to set themselves up in the best possible way to have the birth they want.

Recognising that you are absolutely capable of making safe and responsible decisions about how you birth your baby is where it all starts. 

Even if it’s just a momentary feeling among all the other doubts.

That’s where the journey to having the confident, positive and powerful birth you want begins. 


“Olivia encouraged me to get in touch with my instincts and her insight and encouragement enabled me to approach the day with confidence and reassurance, giving me facts and statistics whenever I needed. Throughout my entire pregnancy and birth I felt thoroughly supported, including when at hospital she spoke up for me to ensure my requests were respected. From the atmosphere I’d envisaged, to the exact level of attention I’d requested throughout the birth, I felt completely supported. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or have Olivia as my doula again.”



“Olivia’s enthusiasm and drive to empower birthing women shines through all she does. I had some challenging choices to make regarding my maternity care and needed to feel well-informed and empowered in my decisions. Olivia’s an amazing listener and helpfully reaffirmed and reflected on my choices, providing information and perspectives that enabled me to remember the opinion I’d received about needing an early induction was just one perspective and I had other valid views that backed up my intuitive feelings. After working together I felt much calmer and with a clearer idea of the safe and empowering birth choices I wanted to make and how to communicate these to my team. I highly recommend calling on Olivia’s support and knowledge throughout pregnancy and birth.”



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