Hello wonderful human.

You have passion, a voice that says things that need hearing, and deep reserves of inner strength.

But the maternity-care you’re receiving is making you feel anxious and unsupported

You’re feeling like a boat tossed about on the stormy sea, not knowing whether you’re going to have the respected, powerful experience you so want, or if you’re just doomed to accept that it’s not going to happen for you.

Maybe you’re being pushed down a route you don’t want to go down.

I’m committed to helping you transform your pregnancy from feeling voiceless and like it's going off track to being an unstoppable driving force in pursuing what’s best for you directed by your knowledge and confidence to have the birth you want.

I walk alongside you to help you navigate your maternity care, through the ups and downs and challenges you face. We’ll connect heart and head, weaving together evidence-based information with your intuition and inner instinct that I’ll help you learn to trust and believe in.

I create a safe space for you to delve deep into what you’re feeling, because so often your head becomes full of the endless worries and potential risks you’re told you’re taking. We’ll address your own fears and worries that might be rearing their head.

But this isn’t just about you ‘knowing’ more or ‘feeling differently.

The problem with most birth-education is that it doesn’t recognise the strong dynamics at play in maternity-care. The ones that make you feel scared about something terrible happening to your baby unless you listen to exactly what the medical professionals tell you to do.

The ones that make you feel voiceless and lost for words at maternity-appointments. The ‘white coat syndrome’ so many people often describe to me.

The power dynamics that mean birth is so often steered off course by the people who should be supporting you.

I work with you to look at your situation in light of how the  power dynamics and beliefs of maternity care are affecting you. Because I believe that when you have a clearer understanding of how it works, it’s much easier to not feel affected by the patriarchal beliefs and false assumptions embedded within maternity care, and that makes it SO much easier to make decisions on your terms.

If you want someone who’s not going to question things, and what you’ve been told, that’s not me.

But if you’re looking for someone who believes in your innate ability to give birth, that you’re the best person to make the decisions about where and how you birth your baby, someone who understands just how important and life-changing having a birth where you feel strong and powerful is…I might just be your woman.

My knowledge, understanding and experience of birth and maternity care will help you to make choices feeling confident and responsible, stand up against any pressures you don’t want, set the terms for the birth you want to have, and maximise your chances of having it.

You’ll develop the self-trust and confidence needed to assert your choices and your right to birth where and how you believe is best for you. I never tell you what to do. This is about what you come to discover when you have the bigger picture of information, perspectives and self-connection, not what I believe – the choices you make are entirely yours to make and I provide full support for these. 

If you want to find out more about how we can work together so you can have the powerful pregnancy and birth you dream of having , get in touch and we can have a chat about it.

Who am I and what do I know about this?

The more pregnancies and births I’ve supported, the more I’ve discovered how easy it is for the maternity care system to interfere negatively and unnecessarily in people’s pregnancies and births. Sowing seeds of doubt and fear during pregnancy and intervening (or trying to) in the birth process. Trying to get everyone to fit into a one-size-fits-all model of care rather than looking at the specifics and reality of each person’s situation.

Seeing this happen again and again taught me that focusing on a positive mindset and breathing techniques during pregnancy (where so many people sought a solution) was just not enough.

Not if this wasn’t coupled with an understanding of the challenges created by maternity care, how they were (and could) affect your birth and how to address these in order to not feel pressured into unnecessary cascades of intervention and trauma.

Experiencing this in my second pregnancy was a real wake up call to the extent that this was happening. 

Throughout it I experienced pressure to have tests and scans I didn’t want and continued to decline. I knew the evidence and the different perspectives and wanted to avoid the needless anxiety I’d had as a result of these in my first pregnancy.

At 37 weeks even though nothing had changed I was told I was too high-risk and needed to be in hospital. And yet I knew this wasn’t the case. Despite the extensive pressure, the reasons being given didn’t make sense to me. I knew I was healthy and my baby was well. 

I met with an obstetrician and the head of midwifery at my local hospital to insist my rights to a homebirth were respected. They eventually created the ‘out of guidelines care-plan’ I wanted to ensure I could continue my pregnancy without any more hassle knowing that the set-up I wanted for my birth was going to be supported. And at 41 weeks I had the incredible, powerful home-birth I knew was best and safest for me and my baby.

But this isn’t just about home-birth. That’s just what I wanted, what was right for me.

What you want and believe is best for you might be similar or it might be completely different.

And when we work together, it’s completely focused on what you want. Not what anyone else thinks is best for you.

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