You want a birth on your terms – one where you feel confident, powerful and your body is just doing it.

The problem is that your maternity care’s making you feel like that isn’t going to happen.

The way it leaves you with that sinking in the pit of your stomach after each appointment. From being told constantly about all the risks you’re taking or how ‘high-risk’ you are.

You hate it – but it’s getting under your skin.

You began this pregnancy  feeling clear about what you knew was right. 

But most appointments leave you filled with doubt. The birth you wanted is slipping away from you either because you feel like you have to agree to things to get them off your backs, they’re ramping up the scare-tactics and, actually, you’re not really sure you can do it.

One of the scariest thoughts you have is ‘what if I decline something,  and i’m responsible if something happens to my baby – how will I live with that?’

That’s what’s really holding you back.

Oh, and the fact you might have been told that because of your body size and shape/ your previous birth/ your pelvis/ the size of your baby/ (insert reason) you might not even be all that capable of giving birth anyway.

You’re feeling overwhelmed and confused by it all.  The last thing you want is a battle or to get anyone’s back up. Even though sometimes you wonder in what other area of your life would you allow yourself to be told what to do?

You’d usually stand your ground with everything, but for some reason the idea of doing this in your appointments fills you with dread.

Your partner, as supportive as they try to be just doesn’t quite get it: ‘‘Why wouldn’t you do what you’re advised to do? Surely the midwives + doctors are just trying to keep you and your baby safe? They know best, don’t they?”

You feel so irritated when they say this because you feel like the answer is a resounding ‘no’ to all of it.

But you can’t help but feel, maybe you’re just someone who’s body doesn’t work in the way it’s supposed to.

Perhaps you won’t be able to give birth without all that medical intervention again. Which makes you a failure. Or, maybe the people who do have positive births have just got lucky.

Brilliant, amazing human! Look at what you’ve already done.

Growing your baby every single day. Look at how capable you really are. How your body’s just doing what it needs to do.

All the things you want for your pregnancy and birth are real and possible.

But leaving it all up to the disempowering, biased conveyer belt system of maternity is never going to get you there.

I’m done with hearing women and people telling themselves they can’t have the birth they’d hoped for.

Who are longing for the permission and validation to birth the way they actually want. And since they’re not getting it are convincing themselves that all the reasons they’ve been told are correct and it’s just too dangerous for them to do things any other way.

All the external and internalised patriarchal nonsense that makes you believe your body is going to fail you, that you’re not capable of making responsible choices and would do something that would endanger their baby.

Because none of it is true!


What if i told you that you can have the confidence to really make the choices that are right for you? That you could feel excited rather than anxious?

What if i told you that you could distinguish whether the recommendations you’re being told you should follow are actually the right thing for you?

What if i told you that it’s possible to shape your maternity care to work for you?

What if i told you that you can stand up for yourself?

What if i told you that you’re 100% capable of making the right choices for you + your baby, and that you’re not going to put either of you at risk?

What if i told you that you could create the best chances of the birth you want?

Would you take the leap to get the support that will help you have this?

Would you try a different way of doing things?

Would you actually put yourself first for once?

I’m not suggesting for one second that you opt out of maternity care (unless you want to – because you can, you know) but what I am saying is that expecting you’ll get the birth you want from a maternity care system that is well and truly broken is like putting all your eggs in an old and battered basket.

In fact by doing so, you’re immersing yourself in a world that doesn’t believe that women+people’s bodies can safely give birth, biased research and guidelines operating on poor evidence, run by medical professionals who have scarcely seen a birth that works in the way it can and should because they’re so used to interrupting it, meddling with it and creating problems. 

There are huge power dynamics in maternity care and we need to talk about them.

When you can identify them,  it becomes so much easier to stand up for yourself and recognise how important your knowledge and voice is when it comes to your body and birth.



Yep, even if you’ve been told you’re high-risk:

Because of your BMI/body size

Your baby is measuring ‘big’ or ‘small’

You’ve had IVF

You want a VBAC or HBAC

You’ve been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes or Group B Strep

You’re pregnant with twins

And so many more things in this maternity care system that loves to make everything on the spectrum of normal an incredibly dangerous problem.

If only I could say ‘take my course and have the birth you dream of’, we both know it’s not quite so simple.

I’m not looking for people who think it’s that simple either.

That by simply learning something like a set of breathing techniques + affirmations they’re going to have the gateway to the perfect birth.

Because what I want to offer is something that’s much more comprehensive, something that’s going to create an entirely new lens for you to see through birth through, to completely shift what you believe about yourself, about maternity-care and about your birth. Something that’s going to create a lasting impact in helping you claim your power.

I want those fleeting moments you have where you glimpse of yourself birthing in your utmost power to become the firm bedrock you stand upon in the full-blown knowledge that your birth really fucking matters and that you are the best person to choose what’s right for you.

Because I believe you really are.


This is a 6 week online group course running live for a maximum of 10 pregnant women + people. And it’s going to pack a punch.

We’re going to start off the first 2 weeks by delving deep into what you need to know about maternity care + birth, ideas of risk and safety , power-dynamics and so much more. This will provide you with a really firm basis for creating a new lens to shift the way you view everything related to your body, birth and decision making ability.

You’ll get a 1-1 call with me where we get super clear on what’s happening in your pregnancy right now, what you really want for your birth and what’s getting in your way.

Then we’ll spend the next 4 weeks really helping you shift things. Delving deep into your pregnancy, your antenatal care and in planning for your birth so you can step into that place of rooted self-belief, confidence and excitement that so few people feel when it comes to their births.

You’ll have regular mentoring calls with me and you’ll be part of a group full of amazing pregnant women + people on a similar journey to you to help you feel held and supported.

We’ll identify the things that are stopping you from believing in yourself and the power-dynamics within your maternity care that are holding you back, and give you the tools to move past them. 

I’ll help you create the maternity care and birth plan that feel like you’re the one making the decisions, that you’re in control of your birth, that it’s not just being left up to the chances of one-size-fits-all guidelines and unnecessary interventions.

I’ll teach you how you can set yourself up to have the birth you want and maximise your chances of having it.

And while I recognise that I’m really good at what I do, I know just how important it can be to feel like there are midwives out there who truly understand how birth works, who have the utmost faith in women + people’s bodies, intuition and autonomy. So you know that actually it’s maternity care that’s got it very wrong, not you.

That’s why the amazing Independent Midwife Sarah Forster is going to be participating in some of the workshops and calls, and maybe even provide a little surprise bonus or two.The way Sarah believes in and understands birth just blows my mind!


Don’t worry – it’s not! This is about you, your body, your baby and your birth.

But what i’ve learnt in the past 5 years of having my own babies and working in the birth-world is just how much birth-prep or education that doesn’t address the barriers and pitfalls of maternity care does a total disservice. Because as you’re likely experiencing, it’s not like you just get to pick the options you want and have unwavering support for them.




I went through my first pregnancy feeling constantly stressed and anxious about my baby. I was scared of making the wrong decisions and I allowed myself to be talked out of the birth I wanted because I was considered high-risk. It wasn’t until I declined advice to have an unnecessary induction that I caught the first glimpse of how one-size-fits-all guidelines are often not relevant to individual pregnancies + births and I knew I’d had a near miss.

I was pregnant again 3 years later, having trained and worked as a doula by this point. I’d realised how negatively maternity care was affecting some of my clients self-belief through subtly undermining them and making them fear unnecessarily for their baby’s wellbeing.

It made me incredibly clear about how I was going to give birth and what I was + wasn’t going to allow into my pregnancy including certain procedures, tests + scans, despite the continuous pressure to accept some of these.

At 37 weeks pregnant the support for my homebirth was withdrawn, and I had to pull out the big guns to have my rights to give birth where and how I chose respected. 

I had the most amazing birth, and I’m so grateful that I knew the full picture of perspectives to make well-informed choices, really trust my intuition and listen to my gut, and stand up for myself, even when the fear set in.

Recognising my own strengths and ability to individualise my care and make the best choices for me and my baby made me realise that the same is true of every pregnant woman and person.

The problem is there’s such a culture of fear around birth that you’re expected to hand over your choices, based on a small amount of biased information to get you to agree to whatever they want you to do.

I love giving pregnant women + people like you the tools to navigate the very common and complex challenges that maternity care can present so you can make the changes you need to have the birth you long for.


The investment to make the changes you’re desperate for in your pregnancy + birth is £389. You can pay in instalments of either 2 or 3 months.

Or if you pay in FULL it’s only £360.

If you book in the first week you can get this for the RIDICULOUS early-bird price of £300.

I’m so excited to see who’s going to be part of this!

And if it’s not you, even though you’re longing for that amazing in-your-full-power birth, then I want to ask you: when? When are you going to admit to yourself that your birth really matters and that you getting the support you need is important.          

Stepping into your full birthing power, without it being sabotaged by a broken system of care is your right.


Earlybird Single Payment
2 Monthly Payments
3 Monthly Payments


Want to know some more details?

We’ll kick off in the first week of March.

From the offset you’ll be part of a private Facegroup group full of other amazing humans on a similar journey.

For the first two weeks there’ll be 2 live online workshops each week so we can get immersed in the foundational stuff I know to be essential in creating a new framework around your birth. You’ll get useful tools and reflection and  journalling prompts along with each of these to help you go even deeper.

You’ll also get a 1:1 call with me during this period – just the two of us – where we’ll really create the vision you hold for your birth and a plan for how you can move towards it.

Over the following 4 weeks there’ll be weekly mentoring calls, to support you in this, in the practical and emotional challenges that come up. We’re gonna go deep on things you would never even think are impacting your pregnancy + birth. You’ll be able to talk about where you’re at and any questions you have, and I’ll be there to mentor and coach you through it all. 

And in between every workshop and call, I’ll be on hand in the Facebook group to support you through whatever’s happening for you. 


Earlybird places are available until Friday the 21st.

If you’re seriously considering it and have any questions then drop me an email.


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