Coaching + support

Do you have a specific decision you’re needing to make around your pregnancy and birth?

Maybe there are tests, scans or procedures you’re being told you need but you’re wondering if they’re really necessary, or you want to find a way to stand up against the pressure?

Or maybe you just need a boost to help you feel really aligned and connected with your vision as you move closer to birth.

An online or in person 90 minute session where we’ll really unpack and explore what’s going on for you, your uncertainties, fears and anxieties, the things that in your way, and some of the evidence-based information that might be of use to you.

By the end of this session you’ll have greater clarity and confidence about your next steps and the direction you want to take,  practical strategies for addressing your maternity-care to shape it the way you want and a set of tools for going even deeper to access your confidence, certitude and knowledge of what’s best for you.

(This is currently being updated – please email me for more info)

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